The W-T Foundation

The W-T Foundation was formed to promote scholarship and research in engineering and to provide educational assistance and scholarships to prospective engineering students.

Scholarships are given each year in the amount of $1,000 to a graduating senior pursuing a college degree in engineering from the District 211 High Schools of James B. Conant, Schaumburg, or Hoffman Estates. Interested students can contact their College and Career Counselor for information.

Beginning in 2015, The W-T Foundation will also be granting a $1,000 scholarship to a child of a W-T Family of Companies employee. For information on this scholarship opportunity, email your request to

The award check will be made payable to the scholarship recipient and the school they select. Students will be responsible for informing their College and Career Counselor of the school they plan to attend.

As needed, we will fundraise by personal solicitations. Endorsing what this foundation stands for and funding will be our purpose. We may also apply for grants through other foundations, where funds are available to us.

Scholarship Winners


  • Annie Egan - James B. Conant High School
  • Joseph Gjata – Glenbard South High School
  • Gregory Sobie - Schaumburg High School


  • Justin Sindewald – James B. Conant High School
  • Stephen Knitter – Schaumburg High School


  • Brandon Kwiatkowski – Hoffman Estates High School


  • Jacob Geller – Schaumburg High School


  • Daniel Vanek – Hoffman Estates High School


  • Emily Cerier – James B. Conant High School
  • Aakash Bavishi – Hoffman Estates High School


  • Tim Prusnick – Hoffman Estates High School
  • Scott Sobie – Schaumburg High School


  • Christopher Kvistad – James B. Conant High School
  • Michael Skulski – Schaumburg High School


  • Karen Throndson – Schaumburg High School