When I started working for W-T Engineering, Inc., immediately I was thrust into multiple projects that were different from anything I had worked on going through school. Everyone around me was extremely helpful and answered every question I had. I honestly learned more in my first three months here than I did in my final two years of school. I never would’ve imagined getting a job like this directly out of college. The environment is wonderful, the people are friendly, and I look forward to going to work every morning. I can’t wait to see what my future at WT is going to be and I’m hoping to stick around here for a long time.

Eric N., employee since August 2014

I find here excellent friendships, a working environment that feels like home, everyone is very friendly and helpful. You can’t find this in any other firms now days. The lead engineering group is very skilled and has a high level of expertise. They help everyone to become a better engineer. A lot of young engineers get the needed experience to qualify and progress. Most of us passed the P.E. Exams, while working here. W-T Engineering organizes a lot of activities and creates great opportunities for everyone to enjoy, parties, trips, gatherings, birthdays, etc… The social side of W-T is really something to be proud of.

Sokol G., employee since September 2010