W-T Civil Engineering, LLC serves developers, architects and corporate clients with innovative and economical civil engineering design solutions for their developments. We’ve developed our engineering expertise by working on sites ranging from one to one hundred acres. Our ability to cultivate and maintain professional relationships over the years with the municipal, county and state engineering departments is an advantage that provides a direct benefit to our clients. We anticipate department needs and deliver on expectations, resulting in timely approvals, averting costly delays and unnecessary expenses for our clients.

We also provide complete structural engineering design services from feasibility studies to construction documents for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The diversity of staff expertise allows us to offer a wide range of structural services, existing building evaluations, field surveys, commercial, residential, facilities design, new services and additions.

Civil Engineering

May 2016
Todd Abrams Named President of W-T Civil Engineering, LLC
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President: Todd O. Abrams
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