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Design Of Wireless Network Sites For The Nation's Most Successful Wireless Carriers

W-T Communication Design Group, LLC (CDG) provides full-service engineering support for the nation's most successful communication companies. Our team prepares drawings, plans, details, and specifications for bidding, permitting and construction of wireless communication sites so that carriers can expand their network coverage. W-T Communication Design Group provides wireless industry clients everything from zoning, FAA letters and photo simulations to soil reports, construction drawings, project bidding and site inspections.

We make every effort to produce the highest quality product available. Our mission is to be the consulting engineering firm of choice, distinguished by strong customer relationships and by providing quality engineering services in a timely, cost-effective and professional manner.

We need to know if we are not performing and meeting the client's expectations. At W-T we strive for excellence and want to ensure that our product is as free from errors as possible. With your input we can accomplish this goal.

Extensive Wireless Industry Experience

W-T Communication Design Group is a winning agency for your project, big or small. Our dedicated and talented staff has developed a deep understanding of the industry by working on varying projects with all the major wireless carriers.

W-T has active contracts with all major wireless carriers and a number of regional providers. As part of our current work, W-T has firsthand knowledge of the technologies and equipment used by each carrier in most regions. Tower companies keep us under contract, knowing that W-T understands the requirements of the carriers. This gives us a competitive advantage with tower owners. They utilize W-T CDG to provide designs for build-to-suite projects as well as tower and compound expansions.

Quality Control Measures

Subcontractors are not scapegoats. When W-T Communication Design Group leads a project, we accept complete responsibility for its accuracy and delivery schedule. We also use more than one subcontractor when possible to augment our staff and skills. By using at least two vendors, we can better meet timelines by shifting work as we see fit. By having multiple vendors for the same trade, we can utilize peer reviews when necessary to spot check quality control.

Growth Of W-T Communication Design Group

Wireless phones do not work without cellular sites. The engineering team must respond rapidly to the massive demands of the wireless industry. Unlike conventional projects that may take anywhere from two weeks to three months, communications carriers want completed projects within two to ten days.

W-T Communication Design Group self-performs all engineering services, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, land surveying and tower mapping/inspection and weld inspections. As wireless networking continues to be a demanding industry, W-T has grown over the years. In the past three years, W-T Communication Design Group has completed an average of more than 2,000 wireless projects per year. We have been able to service customers throughout the entire United States with our regional offices and numerous Professional Engineering Licenses.

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W-T Engineering, Inc.
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Principal: Kevin Cunnie
Phone: (224) 293-6333
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W-T Communication Design Group Marketing and Regional Directors attend national wireless industry events on a regular basis. If you are interested in meeting with us, please contact Kevin Cunnie at to schedule an appointment.

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