Project Fact Sheet

Engineering Safe, Functional And Aesthetic Designs

All customers have specifications that must be met. The creativity in how they are met separates good design firms from great ones. Innovative Aquatic Design, LLC, designs solutions to exceed expectations.

We dream up designs with two goals in mind: to solve problems and minimize costs. Once these principles are met, we fill the gaps with creative touches. We provide economic designs and present clients with accurate budgets based on our years of practical experience. We deliver quality products at a low cost because our specifications are non-proprietary. We utilize modern products and construction technologies and incorporate novel water features into every design.

President Jim Lueders has been involved in the design and construction of well over a thousand aquatic facilities of all types and sizes. In the last ten years, Jim has provided design services to architects for at least thirty park district water parks. Jim assisted in the development of a modular system for constructing stainless steel swimming pools, ideal for hi-rise construction as this design eliminates problem leaks. Jim is also a member of the National Spa and Pool Institute and the World Water Park Association.

IAD Advantage

Meeting Your Specifications, Exceeding Your Expectations

Client satisfaction is our priority. We have perfected the drawing process through years of refinement so that we only deliver to our clients thorough and complete drawings with all design requirements. With our guidance, clients can maneuver through the maze of swimming and aquatic facility codes and ordinances to obtain project permits with ease. Our Key Personnel Availability is our guarantee that a qualified staff member will always be available to correspond with our clients.