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May 2016
Hey Chicago What Do You Say: IAD Aids Chicago Cubs in Rehabilitating Players
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Hey Chicago What Do You Say: IAD Aids Chicago Cubs in Rehabilitating Players

May 2016

The Loveable Losers is what the Chicago Cubs have become affectionately known as, but lately they are anything but. A century of the city’s hopes and dreams are riding on this team, and they know it. Recently, the Cubs have unveiled their new clubhouse and needless to say it has defied expectations. The new clubhouse is 30,000 square feet, nearly triple the size of the old one and the 2nd largest in the MLB.

When it came time to design the clubhouse, VOA (architectural firm) knew they had to reach out to Innovative Aquatic Design’s Jim Lueders, who previously worked on spas for the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox.

Jim who has over 40 years’ of experience knew that this area had to be functional, but have an aesthetic that the player’s would feel comfortable in. The clubhouse boasts not only hot and cold plunge pools, but an impressive therapy pool.

Spas have long been proven to offer a number of benefits — particularly when alternated with cold and hot water therapy — including significant range of motion improvements in the shoulders and hips, and quadriceps strength.

The cold plunge pool keeps water temperatures at a therapeutic 50° to help control joint inflammation and enhance muscle recovery; while the thermal pool is designed to relax tight muscles and stimulate the release of endorphins. The thermal pool heats muscle and tissue to increase circulation and restore blood flow to the body. The warmth of the water promotes a transient reduction in joint stiffness, pain and muscle spasms. (Hydroworx, 2016)[i]

The therapy pool offers a variable depth pool features a moveable floor, 8’x12′ underwater treadmill, resistance jet technology, and computer and camera systems to satisfy the varied demands of traditional physical rehabilitation, as well as those of dominant, world-class athletes. The therapy pool accommodates 1–4 people during treadmill therapy or conditioning sessions. (Hydroworx, 2016)[ii]

Players like Kyle Schwarber can now recover and rehabilitate in Chicago instead of going to the team’s facility in Arizona. Chicago Cubs President, Theo Epstein said in a recent interview, “It’s a great feeling to know that our players have everything possible at their disposal to get stronger, to get faster, to get better prepared for the game, to prevent injuries. . . They spend a lot of time in the clubhouse thinking about 81 games. Many many hours before and after each game, so it was important to get this right.”

Thanks to IAD the completely redesigned space is now the ultimate in muscle recovery combined with a revitalizing environment that will hopefully bring home a World Series Championship.

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Image courtesy of VOA and the Chicago Cubs
Image courtesy of VOA and the Chicago Cubs

Image courtesy of WTTW
Image courtesy of WTTW: