Jul 2014
The President's Series - Jeff Gutowsky
Jul 2014
Second Annual Nine and Wine
Jul 2014
W-T Communication Design and Structural Engineering Receives Software Training
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The President's Series - Jeff Gutowsky

Jul 2014

Scott Brown, Director of Business Development for the W-T Family of Companies, dives into the professional experience and lives of our company presidents. Next up: Jeff Gutowsky, PE, SE, LEED AP President of W-T Civil and Structural Engineering, LLC.

Your father owned his own architecture firm. How did this influence your decision to step into this line of work?

It provided a very strong and positive influence on my decision. He would take me to job sites as a young boy and I would watch the construction crews at work. I actually began my career working for a construction company because my Dad suggested I "learn how to build them before I design them."

I have been told that you also have your commercial real estate license. How does this benefit our client base?

When I was actively developing and selling commercial properties in the 90's, I learned about the "value" of a building beyond just the "sticks and mortar" that a typical design firm considers. I learned about the lifetime costs of a building in addition to the initial upfront construction costs. We assist our clients with guidance in adaptive reuse and alternative design approaches to minimize their building costs.

With some of the challenges the last few years have brought to the industry, what changes have you seen? Where do you see the industry headed?

Alternative project delivery methods compared to the traditional owner - architect - engineer - builder relationships. Owners and developers are bringing in a team of designers and contractors together to work collaboratively on a design within budget. Building Information Modeling (BIM), such as REVIT, is becoming more prevalent in building designs and facility management with architects, owners, and construction managers.

What makes W-T Civil and Structural Engineering unique to our clients?

Our "No Holds Barred" can-do-it attitude and approach to designing our projects within budget and ahead of schedule. We are empathetic to our clients' needs by "wearing their shoes" during the process.

You are very involved in your church. What experiences have been the most rewarding for you?

Being a part of our Youth Mission Trips serving communities throughout the United States by painting and repairing houses, working on urban farms, building handicap ramps / decks, etc., for people who need help physically, financially, but most importantly with their relationship with God. It has been so rewarding to watch our youth grow and develop into strong, caring, and compassionate young adults.

We at W-T are so blessed that by giving our time and resources to people less fortunate is not only helping others, but giving us a true sense of purpose and calling in our lives.

John McGovern

Jeffery S. Gutowsky, PE, SE, LEED AP
W-T Civil Engineering, LLC - President

Jeff is President of W-T Civil Engineering, LLC and has been the engineer of record on numerous types of projects including institutional, educational, healthcare, office, and retail, commercial, industrial, telecommunications, and residential projects. Projects have involved new construction, renovations, and alterations to existing structures, feasibility studies, inspections, seismic evaluations / upgrades, and repair designs.