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The President's Series - James M. Lueders
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The President's Series - James M. Lueders

Aug 2014

Scott Brown, Director of Business Development for the W-T Family of Companies, dives into the professional experience and lives of our company presidents. Next up: James M. Lueders, President of Innovative Aquatic Design, LLC.  

The type of aquatic engineering your group provides is very niche. How did you get involved in this field?

I joined a pool construction company out of high school. My initial role was a designer and I kept moving up from there.

You were part of a group that engineered the design for stainless steel pools for high rise applications. How did you get involved in this and what are some of the challenges with pools going into a high rise?

We were looking for a better way to build high rise pools that didn't leak. No matter what we tried for waterproofing concrete pools, leaks would still develop.

What are the crucial elements that any commercial pool owner needs to know?

From an operational standpoint, hiring a person who is knowledgeable in pool water chemistry and in the operation of the pool filtration system is key. Poor water chemistry can cause considerable damage to pumps, filters, heaters and piping; no matter how well it is designed.

What makes Innovative Aquatic Design unique to our clients?

Our background in the construction end of the industry has assisted us in producing quality construction documents that contractors find easy to build from.

There is a rumor around the office that you are a serious gardener. How did you get into this hobby and what keeps you involved?

I started vegetable gardening and it just grew from there. I also think it's an extension of my creative side. Working in the garden is also a great stress reliever.

James M. Lueders
Innovative Aquatic Design, LLC - President


James Lueders

Mr. Lueders has been designing Aquatic Facilities since 1972 and during that time has worked on over 3000 projects ranging from small condominium and hotel pools to large water parks. He has also shared his many years of experience in this field as a guest speaker at the University of Illinois, Circle Campus Architecture School. Mr. Lueders has worked closely with the Illinois Department of Public Health developing pool codes and regulations.