Project Fact Sheet

Formed in 2008, Recreation Accessibility Consultants LLC (RAC) has served 160 municipal clients. We aim for one-stop shopping for parks and recreation agencies regarding the ADA. If your organization has an access and inclusion issue, RAC is the place for solutions.

Accessibility Audit of Sites and Facilities

The mandated 35.105 self-evaluation of existing sites and facilities is our most popular service. We can do it from A to Z or we can train your staff to handle part of it while we do the rest. All it takes is one look at to see that cities without an access audit are vulnerable to the simplest of complaints or inquiries.

Plan Review and Punch-List Review

Received a grant? Looking ahead to a new construction project? An access plan review before construction can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Be proactive—be certain the design meets federal and state requirements. Construction finished? Rest assured that what your design professional got right was also constructed right. Use RAC for a punch-list walkthrough.

Transition Plan Development

The mandated 35.150(d) transition plan is one of our most popular services. It includes the four elements required of a transition plan, and a fifth element we know governments need for planning. Don't stop with an access audit.

Accessibility Complaint Consulting

Have a complaint filed against the City? We can help you find a middle ground to satisfy the hearing officer or the Court. After your insurer and your attorney, make RAC your third call.

Access and Inclusion Policy Development

Internal complaints, bidding, facility use, Segways in parks, the inclusion process—policies about all of this and more can be required by various federal or state statutes or regulations. Let RAC draft suggestions, with our expertise, that the City can use to set the right policy.


You can't find a parks and recreation access or inclusion subject we don't know. Our sought after trainers are good in large or small groups. Use RAC for your training needs.